Saturday, September 23, 2006

It's Saturday and Raining Again

I did think of taking a Saturday Sky picture, but gray is just not that interesting, except when it appears on a hedgehog. This is Chester and he likes to knit also.

Remember that red lamp that came to an untimely end a few weeks ago? Well, now it's blue. DH is quite handy and had conveniently come home from an auction with this vase that happened to be pretty darn close to a perfect fit. I like it just as much as the red one.

It's been pretty busy here in the jelly factory. 16 pints, 11 jelly jars of grape; 3 pints, 8 jelly jars of mulled cider. You would think that would be enough, but there have been requests for peach jam and apple butter. I've never made apple butter before, but have found some recipes for making it in the oven, which should be less likely to burn.

I found these socks in a dollar store today. I don't believe that he thinks there is anything happy about the holidays!

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Mouse said...

My mom tried to make apple butter a few years in a row when she was canning and it was hit or miss. All that yummy jelly makes me want to get some toast! The hedgehog is adorable.. I really need to get that pattern.