Thursday, April 05, 2007


Earlier this week, the spring weather was just delightful. You really wanted to be outside in the sunshine. Bubba sunned himself and Gypsy showed off her "summer do".

I did a bit of garden clean-up, including putting some round-up on a particularly invasive perennial. I gave some thought to what to plant and where to plant it. There's lots of time for that; we don't plant annuals around here until the last weekend in May and even that's a bit risky.

My favorite daffodils were coming along nicely and just beginning to open up. Yesterday, the weather was forecast to change back to winter, so I picked a bouquet of them. They opened up nicely once inside.

I wish I had picked every last one of them because this is what they looked like today. Damn, why did they have to be right this time?

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