Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturday Night Sky

I had a pretty busy day today. My Mom took me along on what I call "old lady bus trips". This one went to Hamilton, Ontario to see a play called Sexy Laundry. Very, very funny. Lunch was at a German restaurant called the Black Forest Inn. If you're ever in Hamilton, go there. The Wiener Schnitzel was fabulous and so was the apple strudel. It's 10 pm and I'm still not ready for another meal. The other good thing (besides spending some time with Mom) is that there was much quality knitting time.

This is my Saturday sky picture. It's the moon rising over Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls. The lengthy wait to get through US Customs was made much more entertaining by fireworks over the falls. The falls themselves were lit up but were a bit hard to see as there was quite a lot of mist.

The last stop on this little excursion was at the the duty-free shop. Well, put me on a bus for the day and my resistence level will be pretty low by evening. I came home with some Canadian beer, much chocolate and am feeling pretty good right now.

Update: Another really, really good thing to come from Canada is Rogers' Pistachio & Cherry chocolate bars.

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