Sunday, April 30, 2006

Spinning on Conesus Lake

What a wonderful weekend! Our spinning guild sponsored a retreat on Conesus Lake this past weekend. The weather was fabulous, the facility was great, food was wonderful and I'm not sure there is a much better way to spend time with friends.

Friday night, we spun, or knit, or drank, or showed off recent goodies, like Michelle's beaded rocks. Each bead was individually stitched around the rock. As an interesting coincidence, Joan was spinning Wensleydale that she had dyed the very same colors.

Saturday afternoon was spent on the porch, spinning in the sun and watching the lake. Anne Marie organized spinning games (spin with a book on your head, spin blindfolded, most even spinning in 5 minutes and the 50-yard or so dash). My partner, Rebecca, and I came in first on the 50-yard or so dash. The dash (as we played it) consists of one person treadling while the other drafts backwards across the room (and it was a big room), when you reach the far end, you call out to reel it in, repeat three times.

There were also many impromptu workshops as well as some planned activities. There were workshops on knitting socks with magic loop method, felting beads for jewelry, needlefelting shapes using cookie cutters, dying, steam-setting skeins and how to make a really good Cosmo (thanks Steph).

Many of us planned to try to finish up some UFO's. I finished spinning/plying the laceweight Brown Sugar and a pair of socks made from my souvenir of Toronto Trekking XXL.

This was definitely an event that we'll have to do again.

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That sounds so wonderful.

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