Thursday, April 20, 2006

Doesn't everyone have a sock-in-progress?

This is one of my current socks-in-progress. They travel along with me to work and where ever else I go. It's a jaywalker using Silja yarn. You say you noticed that I said socks-in-progress, well you're right. The other socks are at home and are suffering from SSS.

I dumped them (OK, set aside) to start the nightie from Mason-Dixon Knitting, a very fun book that is worth adding to your collection.

There are also two felted totes that need some attention before they can be considered FOs. Let's not even mention what's currently on the spinning wheel (or even next up to be spun). I'm thinking that the Yarn Harlot could be an influence in the growing number of works-in progress.


mamacate said...

Yay, Diane! Welcome to blogging. It's so nice to see you, with pictures, in the blogosphere.


Stephanie said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! I'm so glad.

Claire said...

THANK YOU for your sweet comment!! I'm actually afraid they WOULD turn me away, so I've made arrangments to try to get to Grafton, MA on Friday night to see her. Wish me luck!!

Rabbitch said...

Welcome to blogland. And nice try, trying to get my Fleece Artist away from me! Here's a better deal ... you come here and move my stuff while I knit it up! (Can't blame a girl for trying)