Friday, March 28, 2008

Things That Never End

Yes, folks the theme today is things that never end...

First item, theme music:

Second item, these socks.

To be honest, they are finished. Finally. Through no fault of the sock pattern, gage, yarn, or stitch pattern, I managed to make almost every mistake in the book on this pair...including ignoring the fact that they were just too small (knitted an entire sock on that premise). I also managed to mess up the toe once, the stitch pattern a couple of times, tried to redesign said stitch pattern to make it bigger. I think I may have actually knitted something like 4 or 5 socks by the time I was done with these.

For those of you interested, it is Cat Bordhi's toe-up Foxglove sock, using the Dragon Skin stitch pattern from A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns (Barbara G. Walker) and from Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Peacock.

Something I discovered along the way...Cat's 2-circular needle method allows you to use US 2's on the sole and US 3's on the top.

Third item, winter:

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