Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Here it is, St. Paddy's Day about to be. With a little luck, I'll get to the store tomorrow after work and see if they have any corned beef. It just doesn't seem right without it. Besides, it's the only day my family lets me have cabbage without whining hugely.

For now now, I'm settling for a loaf of soda bread, made with all white flour, as I was not feeling like digging around the freezer for the whole wheat flour.

The good news is that I actually finished (or almost finished) the sweater just in time to wear for the holiday. The only thing left to do is to sew on some hem tape to cover the raw edge from the steek. I tried to roll the edge under and stitch it down, but that made the white floats pop out on the edge. Not a good look. I'll do that tomorrow evening.

It's also still a bit damp from blocking, but as long as Bubba leaves it alone, it should be dry by morning. That cat is just in love with this sweater. I had to arrange/rearrange knitting and cat innumerable times.

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Jane said...

Such a pretty sweater! Congratulations on a lovely finish.