Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sock Picture Scavenger Hunt

Even though my just begun sock cannot make it to Toronto for the Yarn Harlot's Sock Picture Scavenger Hunt, I thought I'd take a few pictures on this side of the lake (Lake Ontario) anyway.

The sock started out the day gazing wistfully across Lake Ontario, wishing he could swim.

Maple syrup is very big here in New York State. Our state tree is actually the Sugar Maple. To celebrate, this last weeked was Maple Weekend, so we checked out a sap bucket and went to a pancake breakfast.

On our travels, we tried to match some of the items on Stephanie's list. It wasn't easy, but we did come close on a few.

"With one of TO's finest"...nope. "Mounted"...nope. Miniature horse...yep.

"at St. Lawrence Market"...nope. "With eggplant sandwich"...nope. How about with peameal or bacon...sort Lula.

"With the geese at Eaton Centre"...nope. "With actual Canadian Geese"...yep. The sock was within 12-15 feet (4-5 meters).

"At a Tim Horton's, with a maple-glazed donut, held by a Tim's employee"...yep.

And finally: "With a beer"...nope. With Screech...yep. (Thank you, Mom!)


Mouse said...

Maple glazed donut? OMG - that would be the most awesome thing EVAR. I'm going to have to hold my breath for a Tim Hortons though.. considering that I live in Georgia. I'm sure we'll get one in about 50 years.

Deb said...

Hmm- I can match that bottle of Screech.......but what are you guys doing with this newfie export??????

Deb (and Bear) said...

Major excitement here in class!!!My kids just got their letters (I am here at my desk,by the way) and they are ECSTATIC!!!!!! Tell Lynda thank you very much!!!!! (and you too for setting this up!)