Sunday, March 09, 2008

Blizzard? No.

Well, we finally had a good, old-fashioned snow storm this weekend. Of course, the weather folk were all up in arms over it. It was a storm, even included thunder-sleet and added up to about 16 inches worth of snow.

I did what all reasonable northerners do...stocked up on milk, bread and cocoa krispies. Since there are currently 3 active knitting projects and at least one spinning project, I wasn't going to get bored.

Today, DH cleaned out the driveway with the snowball machine. If you look closely, you can see that Gypsy is impatiently waiting for said snowball machine to get in in range for her.

A couple of weeks ago, I was tipped off to a sale on Lopi-Lite at a LYS. I rummaged about and found some grassy green (9 balls) and some blue (6 balls). I also found, much to my delight, an issue of Knit n Style that I was hunting for. I seriously covet the cover sweater...must visit stash for something suitable to spin.

My friend at work had the perfect pattern. That is the beginning of the yoke. It is pretty much a Lopi-Lite pattern, but I knit up a swatch and wound up reworking the numbers to match my size better (thank you EZ).

Yes, those are Knit Picks Options Harmony Wood needles. I love them to no end; they are smooth, just the right pointiness, the cables are flexible and they are just plain pretty. Thank you, Mom...great Christmas present, that.

I'm hoping to finish it before St. Patrick's Day, as it really is the perfect color. However, Bubba is slowing progress down a bit.

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Deb and Bear said...

I wish I had known you wanted that issue- I have two copies!!!!! And the Gypsy- well, Bear says "No Thank You. Me no like the snow go machine" So there.