Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Neighborhood Critters

We finally had our first frost of the year yesterday morning; it is quite late this year. Just that bit of frost finally made it feel much more seasonable and fall-like. Last year, we had already had a fair bit of snow by this time.

There is much wildlife around here and we have gotten used to most of them. Some are really nice looking, like deer. Some are just stinky, like skunk. Some are a little worry-some, like coyote and fox. Some are more worry-some, like cougars (which, thankfully, we haven't heard about lately). The latest beast to wander into the area is black bear. There have been numerous sitings in the area all summer, but now one was reported hit by a car just a mile and a half away. It seems they are tough: the bear walked away, the car was towed. I wonder just what our Gypsy was barking at a bit ago? Deer? or something bigger?

Then again, perhaps it was something that looked more like this: the bat-cat!

Happy Halloween!


blueadt said...

Could it have been a beetle? Blue LOVES beetles...

DianeS said...

Gypsy says bugs & beetles don't interest her that much. And we've had our frost, so there really aren't any around any more.

Lene Andersen said...

The very unhappy Bat Cat! ;)

Cougars? Black bears? dear god, woman, I thought you lived civilization! (OK, so the idea of cougars and black bears in your neighbourhood is really cool. The reality liekly less so)