Saturday, November 03, 2007

Furnace Game

The Yarn Harlot has already written a few times about the Furnace Wars that her family participates in (some of them unwillingly, I'm sure).

We have our own, much milder version, called the Furnace Game, in which we see just how long it is until the furnace comes on. This does not count the once yearly operation check to make sure that it is, indeed, working. You see, we generally heat with wood and the furnace is merely a backup system. We have completed two full heating seasons without having it come on at all. Most years we make it until around the end of January or so before it is just so cold outside that the furnace kicks on a few times overnight. We have heated with wood for so long that we almost sleepwalk to the stove, add a chunk of wood and toddle back to bed without completely waking up.

Due to the freakishly warm autumn season this year, we have not even had a fire in the wood stove until tonight. I will admit that it's been a wee bit chilly a time or two, but nothing some wool couldn't fix.

I'm pretty sure that Bubba is thinking "It's about time! I don't know why you non-furry folk didn't do this sooner, like weeks ago."

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