Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sweater Progress

I've just been plugging along around here. I review job postings, ignore housework and go to the post office every other day or so to support what I'm calling the world's slowest garage sale (aka EBay). We're actually doing pretty well selling off an accumulation of vintage stuff, tools and what have you.

It wasn't snowing much and was a bit warmer today (20F, -7C) so Gypsy and I went off to the park after the Post Office run today. Most trails weren't really accessible, so it was a short walk, but good to get out for a bit anyway.

You would think that I would be turning out millions of yards of yarn and almost as many knitting projects with all this spare time on my hands lately, but I seem to be self-rationing. There is slow progress on the sweater. The lapels and border are in seed stitch, which takes me longer to knit anyway. There's also the small problem of this cat who appears to be in love with my sweater.


Lene Andersen said...

That's an absolutely gorgeous kitty "helping" you - does it really look a little liek a raccoon or is the body striped, as well and it's a trick of the light that s/he looks grey?

Deb said...

Bear wants more pictures of Gypsy. He is getting positively brutish about it!!!!!