Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's About Time!

Well, I've got to say that it's about time we had a snowstorm. I think this one was a bit over-publicized. Yes, we've had over a foot of snow; yes, it's quite cold and yes, there's been some blowing/drifting. However, I've seen worse over the years. I don't know if it's because the media just has to make such a big deal over everything or if we're just out of practice with this, up-til-now mild winter. Gypsy says that it's about time I left the blankie on the couch for her!

At any rate, this was a good day to be home. I meant to spend the day at the desk, doing things like guild membership updates, organize this month's bills and do the taxes. What did I do instead? Laundry and this:

Nice looking, eh? I decided to boycott getting expensive cards for my family on Valentine's Day and treat ourselves to cheesecake.

DD sure needed a little treat for the day. Every public school and college in the area was closed, except hers. Not only did she have to drive through the less-than-ideal conditions, but she was reminded that water (or diet coke) expands, or in this case, explodes, when frozen. Should've listened up in science class, kiddo!

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