Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rhinebeck, Here We Come!

Awhile ago, our spinning guild (GVHG) chartered a bus for a bunch of us to go to Rhinebeck this year. I had wanted to go there for quite a few years because it sounded like a great festival. I do have a largish stash, so my main reason to go this year was for fun and to try and meet up with other bloggers. Coincidently, Stitchy came up with the marvelous idea of Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo.

As I was gently reminded earlier today, I needed to put up a picture of myself. I really dislike having my picture taken, but here it is anyway. I plan on wearing my Olympic sweater unless it's raining. In that case, there will be a white anorak over the top of it. If warm, a white tshirt. In either case, I'll put a Bingo Square button on each shoulder. My hair, thankfully, doesn't show up well in the picture. It's dark brown, fairly long and quite frizzy; pretty much out of control; I usually put it up with one of those big claw clips.

Have fun everyone!

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lorinda said...

How was Rhinebeck?