Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Same old, same old...

Well, it's back to raining so much that the snails have had enough.  The local creeks are high and overflowing.  I'm only thankful that we haven't got the problems of the scale that people up and down the Mississippi and in Manitoba have had this spring.

The weather service says we had an inch of rain, but let me just say that an inch of rain does not look like this.  This is Black Creek in the village and that is a spillway, not a ripple.  I know as a kid, that spillway was way over my head, so I'm guessing it's about 10-12 feet tall.

Our road is still above water and let's just hope it stays that way.  There is yet more rain predicted for the the few days, so that could change.

Earlier this evening, we had a visitation from a laundry demon.

I supposed I should be more concerned, but then I've always been a kind of haphazard housekeeper.  Besides, it's mostly the hubby's stuff anyway.

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