Saturday, July 09, 2011

I'm Still Here!

It's been the usual spring/early summer busy around here.  However, I just haven't quite gotten the routine down yet.  After being out of work for two years, I'm out of practice for squeezing in tasks and chores wherever I can.

Don brought home pounds of pure beeswax.  I thought about selling/giving it away as it, but it had darkened with age, so thought my chances would be better if I made candles.  I have a rather large collection of jello molds that I like to use for molding soap, so just used those, drilled the hole for the wick & threaded it through.  Of course, what seemed to me a small project turned out to be a much longer duration...*melt wax, oil mold, pour wax, cool overnight, unmold, find that about 20% stuck to the mold*, repeat from * to * until sick of process.  I much prefer soap!

Meg continues to work with her baby, Sugar.  Every time I see them together, there is something else that has improved:  This show was all about how much calmer and relaxed Meg was, which translated to a much calmer Sugar (even if she didn't perform as well as she should have).  Considering that this is the second day of a two-day show, being stalled in a strange place and all that waiting around until it's your turn, they did OK.

This is the year of the rescue critters.  Magic is just turning out to be a charming little dog.  She just wants to please me and Don.  Maybe me a little more...gotta say, that's kind of gratifying, if a little small-minded of me.  I mentioned that I would really like to have a cat around.  I just like them.  Don, not so much; he likes other peoples cats.  Despite that, he pointed out a cat that was on the website for the city shelter.  Not only did she seem to fit our desired cat-specs (female, not a kitten, not geriatric, spayed, preferably declawed), and the price was right as cat adoptions were free.  I wasn't going to argue, so off I went right after work one day and picked up Daisy.

Again, we seem to have gotten lucky in rescue land.  Not only does she meet all the above cat-specs, but she is affectionate without being too needy, even tempered, does not crowd the door to get out and she and Magic get along (a non-event).  I'm guessing her reason for being at the shelter is perhaps neglect (rather than abuse), her lovely fur is patchy from matt removal and she's on the thin/undermuscled side.  Daisy is going to be one gorgeous cat in no time at all!

Magic says:  "What is that cat doing?!?!?"

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Deb said...

Hey- looks like kitty is a keeper. We thought about getting a dog to keep the bear company, but found while he likes to have other dogs visit, within a hour or two, he is showing them the door. Hmmmmmm. He has also become "mother's dog" in a big way (even to the point of growling at Sean when Sean tries to get into bed!) Oh my.
By the way-Meg looks fabulous on Sugar!