Friday, May 13, 2011

What a difference a month makes!

Last post I was kind of whining about the weather, it really was a long stretch of beastly.  Really now, when you start getting snails on the windows on the second floor of the house, there has been enough rain!

This week, however, it's definitely spring.  In the last few weeks there have been many, many changes around here.

We've gone from no leaves, to wee baby leaves, to fully leafed out trees.

Best. flower. ever.  Daffodils are great, they grow around here and nothing eats them.  Best of all, they are just so  cheery to see in the spring.

Spring has brought some other hugely good news around here.  First off, I finally got a job.  You have no idea just how much this takes the pressure off.  I am an information technologist for a local non-profit and do a bit of everything from computer maintenance/troubleshooting, translating between the real geeks and the people I work with, to regular admin-type stuff.  I'll also be learning how to be the webmistress of their site, so that will be something new to me.

Other good news, well, the day before this job was offered to me, hubby and I went off to Canada where we not only had a big dish of poutine, but put down a deposit on a carder and a picker.  Yes, that's right, the mill project is a go!  There is much to be done between now and when the equipment is ready...insulate the garage, a bit of wiring, some plumbing and a million other things that will need sorting out.

I'd best take some "zoom" lessons from Magic!

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Deb said...

You know we are friends with a local mill- they have it up and running. Maybe you should come and visit us and then go and check out how the mill runs here??????