Saturday, June 12, 2010


For the first time ever, I actually remembered that it was Worldwide Knit in Public Day.  Not only is it WWKiP Day, but it appears to have grown to 9 days.  I'm sure there are many stories behind that.  Some of them probably involve knitters having no real sense of how long it really takes to knit something.

I think that sitting in the back of hubby's pickup, keeping daughter's dog company and me out of the way counts.  We had all been drafted to help load up auction purchases.  Luckily enough, I got to spend a fair amount of quality time with this summer's traveling sock...started out close to where I wanted for leg length and wound up well into the gusset.

Also learned something...when you knit on 11" circs and forget to grab a couple of dps to work the heel, it is quite possible to knit the flap and turn the heel with all stitches on the circs.  I thought about setting aside the top stitches on a string, but realized that I was also without a crochet hook.  Slightly awkward, but definitely doable.

Clearly, I need to do some restocking of the necessities!

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Jane said...

I never seem to make it to our local KIP day, but that doesn't matter as I'm always knitting in public anyway.