Sunday, May 16, 2010

Freight Trains

Saturday was our regular meeting day for the spinning guild (Genesee Valley Handspinners Guild) and is something I always look forward to.  Of course, I was running a bit behind and got behinder as I was stopped at a RR crossing for a 10-minute long train.  Would have been easier to wait if I had gotten around to starting another travel sock or if Tim Horton's were on this side of the tracks, not the other.  Finally got on my way, stopped at Tim Horton's and there despite many fey maneuvers by other drivers on the expressway.

When I went to leave, a friend said that I might just want to check one of my tires.  I did and it was close to flat.  I drove down the street far enough to get some air in it (which is when I found the rather large screw in it) and made some phone calls.  The air l put in lasted as far as the repair shop where the time estimate went from an over 2 hour wait time, to one hour to now.  Yeah, I wandered off and bought the crew some cookies.  I was real happy with that as I had a hot date with another freight train.

That train was the Freight Train Tour that had 3 really great performers:  Chris Young

Josh Turner (gotta love that low, low voice!)

And last, and definitely tallest,Alan Jackson

The people watching was almost as entertaining as the concert itself.

What a great evening...out with the hubby, daughter, her boyfriend, cold beer and some of the best country music you'll ever hear!

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