Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I'm Melting...

Wow, it has certainly been a very warm, very humid summer this year.  It's about 90F with a humidity around 70%.  It's so hazy that it almost looks foggy.  The dogs have retired to the basement where at least the floor is a little cooler and the cats have melted.

I am not even going to attempt anything more strenuous outside other than dipping in the pool (water temperature is a balmy 87F).  This is a welcome break from the yardwork.  I'm going to try to get enough fans near my loom to weave for awhile today.

There has been minimal spinning as I just don't want to even touch wool when it's this warm.  I have, however, been knitting.  Not knitting anything hugely exciting:  dishcloths and swiffer covers.   I'm stocking up on these as they've been selling well.  I'm also almost out of catnip mice, so will spend an evening making more.

Other news is that I'm going to participate in a arts show for the first time this month.  Last year, it was billed as the Recession Art Show, so my inexpensive bits & pieces should go over well.  DH has a bunch of Victorian end tables that we'll take.  They are so reasonably priced and nice looking.  When I look at what we're taking, it seems that we are actually a bit on the trendy side...used, but fabulous furniture, repurposed materials into pet toys and cotton accessories made from US & Canadian yarns.  Hmph, how did that happen?

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Lene Andersen said...

Ooh, way cool on the art show thing - looking forward to reading about it. And yeah. Melting. Just a tad.