Friday, July 17, 2009

New Stash Management

We had been using a large (very large) carpenter's toolbox as a coffee table. To be honest, it was a little too big for the space. A fabulous piece of workmanship, but very large. It looks better at the end of our bed.

DH brought home another carpenter's tool box that was just the right size, so I claimed it as our new coffee table. It is gorgeous (now that he's worked his magic on it), made from maple and mahogany and is just right as far as scale.

Not only that, but the trays in it are just ideal for such things as needlework tools, needles and a whole bunch of yarn! The contents of one plastic bin (and I usually get the ones with the attached lids), just covers the bottom
of this chest. There is much more room available in this one for future expansion.

I had offered the inside of the other one to DD for off-season storage, but since she hasn't taken advantage of the offer, I believe I'll just fill that one up, too!

On a completely different note, DH and I were off gallivanting the other day and passed by one of those new windmills that there has been much controversy over. Mostly the "not-in-my-backyard" variety. I had always wanted to get close enough to one to hear just how much noise they really make. We could park directly under this one. There was a nice breeze yesterday so it was operating. Let me tell you this, you could barely hear a slight swish that most any other noise masked (like a passing car or even the sound of the breeze through nearby greenery). As far as birds flying into them, well, let's face it, birds fly into houses all the time (and they don't move) and I bet they fly into trees, cliffs and other natural obstacles, too. For that matter, so do people...ever notice how there is often a rash of incidents that involve people walking, bicycling and driving into buildings? Are these buildings leaping out in front of them? Am I missing something (besides buildings)?

Note: Amy asked where to find carpenter's tool boxes. Please send me your email address and I'll ask DH if he has any similar pieces. dseelyATfrontiernetDOTnet


amy said...

Where do you find a "carpenter's toolbox"? I've been looking for something like that to keep my knitting/spinning stuff in. My husband (in a TAKE moment, if ever I've seen one) actually suggested it. I guess he's tired of the laundry basket full of zip-locks sitting on my side of the bed!

Deb said...

Cool carpenter's boxes- never thought I would see one so fancy! We have a huge "wind farm" over on Wolfe Island. Around here, there are no fence sitters- you either LOVE them or HATE them! (me-I think anything that supprts a green environement-is a good thing)

Jane said...

Fabulous idea for a coffee table. I regret that I didn't get something I could store more stuff (em, yarn) in.

AlisonH said...

What a beautiful box!

As for the birds, we have a huge windfarm at the Altamont Pass in the East Bay hills in northern California that kills thousands of raptors a year.

Farmers use whistlers and mylar strips reflecting and blowing in the breeze in the Central Valley to keep the birds out of their crops; I don't see why a little mylar can't be attached to the arms of the windmills. Or some such. I mean, how hard is it to scare a bird? (Sorry, didn't mean to hijack your post.)