Monday, July 13, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Summer is always a busy time for all of us, including me.  Besides the so-far-unsuccessful job hunt, I've been trying to catch up on various loose ends and UFO's around the homestead and even succeeded in some cases. 

Mom took me on a short bus trip over the 4th of July 
holiday to the Hudson River valley.  The highlight of the trip was the boat ride down the Hudson and mooring in the river to watch the Macy's fireworks.  There were just no better seats to be had...there was nothing between our boat and the fireworks but the Coast Guard.

Outside stuff is underway for the season.  Various projects are in process or in maintenance mode:
--Like weeding (it never ends, especially with all the rain we've had)
--Keeping the pool clean enough to use in between previously mentioned rain showers
--Getting some much neglected gardens beaten into submission (also in between the rain showers).  
--Being a horse show Mom...actually I'm more of a fence post, but it's nice to be needed.
Actually, the rain usually comes in deluges; we have l
iterally had a stream running through our back 40 quite often this summer.  Thanks to some raised beds that DH put in last year, the veggies are not drowning and are growing, well, like weeds!

The inside stuff list actually has some things completed:
--The floor in my sewing room/office has been tiled (to match the kitchen floor).
--Everything is pretty much back in the sewing room (no small feat there)
--I have boxes of stuff marked and ready to go to the flea market with a friend, or sell on craigslist or ebay (or maybe even having a garage sale? eek!)

Inside stuff that's partly done:
--DD's western show shirt (needs final fitting, collar, cuffs & bling)
--Business plan 

Business plan, you say?  Yes, even though the economy is pretty shaky, I'm looking (seriously) into starting up my own fiber processing mill.  I have an appointment this week with an advisor; it's amazing what help is out there for the asking.  I've got my plan to the "needs editing" point.  There's a good chance that we (need DH for advice) will be visiting some mills later this week to see different manufacturer's equipment in operation.  

If you'd like to participate in the planning, I've created a little survey that will help me determine my future customers' needs.  It's at Click Here to take survey (it's on Survey Monkey).  Thanks, in advance, for your help!

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