Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Treasures from the Hudson Valley

OK, so I could have just said that Rhinebeck was terrific (it was), the bus trip long (it was), but let's just go with the wonderful highlights of the day.

--No responsibilities to "run" anything. Very I'm part of a guild that puts on a pretty darn good Fiber Fest, I can really appreciate someone else's efforts.

--Meeting Jane of Quiddity. She is one of those people that I immediately like. I'm thinking that might of been kind of inevitable considering the amount of like interests we have. The only problem is that she lives in Georgia there won't be that many opportunities to visit. No picture, sorry, bad blogger.

--Meeting Franklin. He is absolutely as charming as can be. Again, someone that I immediately felt could be a very good friend. Sigh, at least Chicago is closer than Georgia. Dolores was no where in sight, so he seemed pretty relaxed.

--Snagging a copy of It Itches and having it signed by Franklin. It's good, very good. Get yourself a copy!

--Shopping. I really hadn't planned on buying much of anything. The only item that I was kind of (but could wait for a nice one) looking for was a white fleece. In my continuing effort to visit my stash, often, I discovered that there was a distinct shortage of nice white wool.

On top of the black sheep, which is a felted pouch, suitable for notions and such like, is a lock of Border Leicester 6mo. lamb clip. It's long, shiny, and very white...nice find. It's already washed and might even be dry enough to card.

Other treasures included some green wool yarn (on sale, probably destined to be a vest), Trekking sock yarn, Araucania sock yarn and another ball of lace weight from Galena's booth. I still haven't knit up anything with the first ball, as I'm still searching for the right pattern for it. This one should be a bit easier as there are fewer colors in it.

Since the weather has turned to typical, ugly fall cold/windy/rainy/slushy/dank, I figured I would use my new mug, also purchased at Rhinebeck. You know what, ladies? If you use one of those fancy hot cocoa mixes, with milk and add some Screech, it tastes like you're drinking one of those rum balls that appear around the holidays. Takes the chill right off!

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