Friday, October 10, 2008

Busy, Very Busy

The Finger Lakes Fiber Festival has come and gone for another year. There were many fine vendors with many equally fine temptations. I succumbed to only a few items: some hand-dyed roving from Cloverleaf Farm, some cotton/linen/rayon yarn, a ball of sock yarn, a new belt for my spinning wheel, some alpaca yarn and, of course, kettle corn.

I have one of the best jobs of the festival: coordinator of the Skein & Garment Competition. This allows me the opportunity to check out everyone's entries and thoroughly enjoy them during judging and setup. This year, our entrants outdid themselves...92 skeins, 62 finished garments and 15 basket entries.

A few weeks ago, Deb (of Not Pretty to Watch) chose me to receive one of these:

Now I get to send along the ribbon to 4 of my favorites. It was definitely not an easy task to just pick four. In no particular order: Quiddity, Yarn Harlot, The Seated View and The Panopticon. All the these fine writers/bloggers are people I would adore to live closer to, just so we could sit and visit whenever possible. Since that's not feasible, at least we can drop in on each other's blogs.

October brings many things around here. We've had a pretty hard frost, Indian summer is upon us for the next few days, Farmer's Markets are full of fresh produce and Rhinebeck is fast approaching. Our spinning guild is renting a bus. It leaves our area at 4:30 in the morning for the trek to Rhinebeck. Gak...I can only hope that someone will wake me when we get there!

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