Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Howl-ween!

Gypsy here. Mommy sed I could blog 'cause it be Howl-ween and I wore hat fur long 'nuff fur her to get picture. My peoples calls me devil-dog and not just at Howl-ween.

My fur-friends got dressed, too. I don't think any of dem like it much.

Bubba be resigned.

Trouble be mad.

Sadie thinks she tough dog, so don't like frilly. Peoples called her Stinkerbelle. Hee, hee, that funny!

I big girl & know there be cookie if I good. Not the people cuppy-cakes, but still a cookie.

These aren't our punkins, but they sure are pretty neat. Mommy sez they really big and I could fit right inside them.

Mommy gets her punkin out & plugs it in and gets candy for little peoples (at least that's what she sez). I sure wish little peoples would come tricks n treats, cuz it would be fun to kissy-face them!

Pssst! Mommy sez I can enter contest at Baa Baa Blacksheep, Bear's Mommy told us 'bout it. Me thinks I have 2 new friends!


Deb said...

Hi Gypsy I went trick or treating with my sister and my Daddy and my sister's friend. And I wore my costume. I ws King Bear, Trickster King. I had a crown and a fur trimmed red velvet robe. And I no eatee my costume! I a good boy.

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