Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chill Chasers

It's that time of year again.  The time of year that brings day after day after day of gray, often accompanied by nuisance snow.  Nuisance snow is any snow that amounts to less than 6 inches in any day.  Just enough to make things a bit slippy, but not enough to get out the shovel.   

Gypsy looks a bit sad in this picture, but she's actually gloating over getting to snuggle (and warm up her nose) in Mommy's blanket.

With that in mind, here's a few items to chase away the grays:

Clear boots (or almost clear).  How can you not get a charge out of something that lets you show of your socks?

Cookies...these cheerful-looking little numbers have got it all:  graham cracker crumbs, sweetened condensed milk, mini m&ms and dark chocolate chips.  Yummy!

And, to top it off, Deb, of Not Pretty to Watch, is having a contest.  Go check it out.  I already sent in my entry.  Things that have been 
know to amuse me are:
  • Turning the digital clock upside-down in one of the classrooms.  It's pretty funny to see how many even notice it, then think that the clock is broken, finally, someone will figure out that it's upside down.
  • In my old job, one of the guys had a stuffed duck (taxidermied, not roasted) in his cubicle.  When he was out, I would move the the duck to another spot in his office.  Drove him nuts.
I'm having a knitting problem right  now.  The problem is that I have started this pair of socks so many times that there should be 3 pair of socks done by now.  First, I thought I had too many stitches, then I had too few (did a whole sock with too few...delusional, I know), added more stitches, foot was fine, leg still seemed to small, started over, now have something that seems to be working out.  Hopefully, the knitting gods are done with me for this project and they'll just work out this time!

1 comment:

Deb said...

Sounds like you got yourself a knitting gremlin!
Thanks for posting the contest. Oh and by the way- I know that doggie look- not sad at all- it's that lok of "how long before Mommy makes me move away from the blanket???"