Wednesday, January 16, 2008

If you don't like the weather...

We have a saying around here: If you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes, it'll change.

This is our thermometer from a week ago, 6:30 am. Is that unbelievable or what? A more normal temperature for this time of year would be 6, not 64 F!

Like I said, wait, it'll change. 75 mph winds brought winter back to us. Not severely, just more normal temps and a bit of snow. To be honest, it was almost a relief, that kind of weather in January just isn't right. We didn't have any damage to our home, but many others in the area did (and lost trees). We were only inconvenienced for about 12 hours with no electric...just long enough that you decide that it is time to haul out the generator before it gets dark, which is, of course, when the electric magically comes back on!

Good thing that Gypsy got her "winter do" at the groomer's, not the "summer do" that the thermometer said she should get.

The other day, when I probably should have been doing the housework/laundry thing, I decided that I had had about enough of using those little soap bars from hotels. You know the ones, small, brittle and don't last long. Mom and I had gone on vacation last year and we picked them up all over the place. I decided that it was time to biggify them by milling them into larger bars of soap. This is clearly only a reasonable option if you happen to have quite a few pounds of homemade soap, ready to mill, in your freezer (doesn't everybody?).

I chopped up the white/off white bars into one bowl and the colored soaps into another bowl. Then I melted some plain soap with a bit of water; colored chips got added to the white soap and white chips got added to the brown (made brown with cinnamon).

Look pretty good, don't they? I wouldn't recommend snacking on them , though.

There has been actual spinning and a small amount of knitting done around here. The vest is an EZ Ribwarmer. I finished it quite awhile ago and just started wearing it without getting a picture. The blue yarn is superwash wool, dyed by my friend, Linda, of High Bid Farms. The white is Navajo-Churro that I picked up last fall.

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Bear said...

Hey Gypsy- Me had a hair cut- so me has to wear my Old Navy Ski Jacket for awhile. I don't mind it- when it comes out, it means I go out play play. Me like play play.