Wednesday, May 09, 2007


The pictures on yesterday's post were taken in other people's yards (except for Bubba). Today, I'll show you some of what's blooming in mine.

We have a few flowering trees, Bradford Pear, Flowering Plum and a Weeping Cherry. This year is quite the exceptional year. Usually, we get to enjoy the flowers for approximately 30 minutes or so before a heavy wind/rain storm moves through and completely washes away the display. Good news for wisteria lovers...our wisteria seems to be done pouting and is clearly planning a very nice flower display in the near future.

Today was another delightful day. I would even call it summer-like. This spurred me on to get started on some more outdoor chores. I've removed the milk jugs and water tubes that were weighing down the pool cover and started skimming leaves off the cover. At the side of our pool is a space between where the pump/filter goes and the pool. Today I dug it out and put some pavers in that space. It has always annoyed me to have the grass all unkempt because the hoses have to be there. Problem solved. Tomorrow, I'm going to finish skimming leaves, yank the cover, start topping it off and attempt to set up the pump/filter. I like to get the pool set up and ready a bit early so that it has time to get balanced and warm up for the season.

The pets kept tabs on me. They seem to think that I need constant supervision or something. Trouble, our other cat, checked on my progress a few times. Gypsy helped with excavation by moving chunks of sod around the area. Bubba? Well Bubba is just a camera hog.

And, last, but definitely not least, today's title is referring to the good news that I have a start date (Monday) for a new job. It's been an interesting (to say the least) journey, but I have a feeling that I've found a new "work home".


Lynn said...

Hope you enjoy that wisteria when it blooms! I've been blog-hopping from Lene's to AlisonH's to yours. What a chair Lene spotted--does look like a tulip!

Enjoy that beautiful spring garden and those gorgeous animals!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job!! And thanks for the wonderful pictures. I'm always stalking my neighbor's flowers with my camera.

Jane said...

Shocked, I'm shocked, I tell you - Blogger let me post! That's me up there, as anonymous. Who knew?

Deb said...

Dear Gypsy;
My mom and Dad are putting in a pool this summer. Just what does a fur man have to do to take care of it all. It is all new to me.
Bear (aka Deb's Big Giant Poodle Head)