Friday, January 12, 2007

Good (possibly) Intentions

Many of my fellow bloggers have been writing about their New Year's Resolutions, or, in Mamacate's case, intentions. I rather like intentions better; it doesn't seem quite so cast-in-concrete to me. I often don't have any resolutions, er intentions, but this year, I do.

1. Keep on going to the gym. I don't seem to be losing much weight as yet, but I do feel better. I guess that counts for something.

2. Try to eat a bit better. I'm not holding my breath on this one, but I will try to eat a bit less of the high calorie goodies.

3. Get rid of that big pile of ebay candidates in the corner. I have started this activity; there are currently 17 items listed.

4. Get a job. I work at this one every day; hopefully something will pan out soon. As much as I love puttering around the house, it is time to get out into the working world again.

4a. Try to stay optimistic while job hunting. Definitely a tough one.

5. Try to be a bit more organized at home. I'm working on this one...see #3. I do have all my yarn and fiber stashed away in bins, so this is more concerned with other areas, like the kitchen and pantry.

That'll do. Too much improvement can't be good for me.

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