Monday, April 13, 2009

A Belated Easter

I don't know what it is lately (and can't even blame it on the job upheaval).  I just can't seem to get around to posting regularly anymore.  There is a routine, of sorts, around here.  I spend the morning job hunting, applying and following up on any leads. 

 The rest of the day is spent at various activities that often include helping my DH out with his jobs, some sort of fibery stuff (carding, spinning, knitting, weaving, even a bit of sewing), outside stuff (if nice enough to be out...spring is dawdling, at least as far as warmer temperatures are concerned) and even, occasionally, a bit of housekeeping.  

My DD suggested that I should consider some self-employment of some kind and I find the idea really quite interesting.  I've been giving quite a few ideas some thought and there are some that are coming to the top.  I'm thinking that 2 or 3 of these would work out...simultaneously, too.  None of them would be a big enough "bang" to cover household expenses by itself, but added up, they might just work out.  Still mulling over the possibilities.

At any rate, Happy Belated Easter to all of you from the Easter Beaster!

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