Sunday, April 27, 2008


Weekends can be really wonderous events. I've even had two great ones in a row.

Last weekend was our 3rd annual spinning retreat at Stella Maris on Conesus Lake. We have been truly blessed with first-rate spring weather every time. My weekend spinning project was to spend some time spinning up all those small samples of different sheep breeds and other fibers that have been populating my stash. I put a really big dent in that pile, so that mission is close to being accomplished. During the weekend, I found out something really good about a fellow spinner...not only is she a fabulous spinner, felter and photographer, she makes the best. ever. pina. coladas!

Yesterday was filled with a bit of gardening and getting the pool cover (or what was left of it) off the pool. Since the cover got torn up in a wind storm back in January, we really need to open the pool earlier than usual...before it gets all green and ugly.

Today was "Same Ol' Days" (really called Old Fashioned Days) at a farm just south of here. The local draft horse association gets out their teams and equipment. It's also a good opportunity to catch up with folks you haven't seen all winter. Many people (including us) bring their dogs, so they get to have a bit of fun, too.

There were alpacas, sheep & lambs, mares & foals, horses, arts & crafts, and a whole variety of food (ice cream and kettle corn topping my list).

Sorry, the battery went dead the other night and I decided to follow it and went to bed. Latest weather was 85 F here on Saturday; two days later it is now 43 F...going from shorts to mittens in that short amount of time, without traveling anywhere, is just wrong!

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Deb said...

Did Gypsy like the horses? Bear says to be afraid, very afraid.