Friday, December 22, 2006

Part 4 Even More from the Christmas Store

I don't know why I kept finding all these odd (or at least odd to me) things at the Christmas store. Believe it or not, there is even more that I'm saving for tomorrow or Saturday.

Santa here seems to be in his stockings, getting ready for a dip into the bowl. The legs are out of some type of flexible something, so are not as fragile as they look.

On the same tree as the previously pictured busty fish and suggestive bunny, was this little cherub-like bundle. Let's face it, he's faking it; there is no way those little wings are going to get any lift!

And now, for today's contribution to "Nothing Says Christmas Like..."

...Aliens (lots of them).

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TheAmpuT said...

Ok. I loooove the alien christmas ornaments. I need to track those down for next year. Kinda crazy, but my sweetie is an kitschy/shticky pop band that has a space theme!